Interview / Kat Day (The KVB): «We are looking forward to playing in Athens!»

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With just a couple of days away from their live show in Athens, we caught up with Kat Day from The KVB.

In case you ‘ve missed their previous shows in Greece, we have to let you know that the British duo create a unique atmosphere in their live shows: Their music blends together a wide range of elements such as psychedelic, post-punk and shoegaze, combined with wonderful pictures and colors, for the ultimate audio-visual experience.

The KVB are playing at Fuzz Live Music Club on May 11!

Let’s get to the interview:

How does your darkwave music encourage others to embrace their inner darkness?

We wouldn’t say our music is purely dark. It has a balance of both euphoria and sadness.

Does your minimal music and aesthetics reflect your simple lifestyle?

It reflects the amount we travel. We have seen other bands with much less equipment than us that can even fit everything into one backpack, but we settle with 3 suitcases worth of equipment.

You certainly can’t travel internationally easily with more than that.

In a previous interview, Kat has signed up to expand the project and create a film. Hypothetically, what would you imagine this film to look at?

It would be haptic, with a mix of analogue textures and 3D digital renders.

Where do you draw inspiration from for your visuals? Do you translate music into colors and pictures automatically while listening to the songs?

The visuals at the moment always are created second to the music, and subject-wise tend to be architectural and digital-processed nature translated through analogue video machines.

I recently built a computer, which has allowed me to pursue my interest in 3D design to create spaces, objects and architecture to animate and experiment with.

How do you prevent audio reactive visuals from looking boring?

That is exactly what I hate the absolute most in AV performances!

I hate anything that looks like windows media player visualizations, its all tech and no real artistic vision! I prefer rhythmic, immersive and tactile visuals which envelope the viewer.

You are a couple for more than 8 years. How do you sustain balance between personal and working life when you spend so much time together?

I can understand why other people would find this difficult, but with us we balance each other perfectly and so don’t find it hard to spend 24 hours a day together.

Have you ever visited Greece in the past? Any messages for your Greek fans?

Yes we have performed in Greece before, in Athens, Thessaloniki and Larissa.

We love visiting Greece especially for the incredible people we have met over the years, the beautiful landscapes and fantastic food. We will actually be coming for some extra days to enjoy city for a bit longer!

Both of us are really looking forward to being back in your fantastic city, and we hope you enjoy our new and improved live show.

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